Operator Data GDPR Policy

The terms “TM Information Systems” or “us” or “we” refer to Envoy Taxi Dispatch Software whose registered office is ‘TM Information Systems, 4 Clos Y Faenor, Cardiff CF5 2FA ’. Our company number is ‘08873139’ registered in England and Wales. The term “you”, “your” refers to the business owner who uses our software.

We, as the Data Processor, can be contacted via email on info@tminfosys.co.uk or by calling 02921660607.


We, as a software provider, process your business data which include your drivers’, customers’, users’ personal, vehicle and journey related data and any other relevant data to fulfil your business need.

 In line with GDPR we process data by taking written consent and instruction from you and process your business data with honesty for the sole purpose of your business by programmatically through the use of our software. Most of the data processing takes place through the interaction of users of our software.  Some of the data processing takes place by software automatically. 

We use SSL/TLS data transportation mechanism to encrypt your business data. We store your data in a secured UK based data centre. We keep regular data backup to prevent accidental data loss.  Our servers are always monitored and maintained by our strictly authorised administrators.

If you are located outside United Kingdom and choose to provide information to us, please note that we transfer all the data, including Personal Data, to United Kingdom and process it there.

We do not provide any direct functionality to you to delete your customers’ data to prevent accidental data deletion.  We always advise you to instruct us whenever data deletion is needed we can implement it within a reasonable time. 

In the case when you stop using our software as part of our data processing we keep your business data and database for up to 30 days.  Within this 30 days period if you need any of your data you will need to send us a written request toinfo@tminfosys.co.uk by specifying what type of data you need. After 30 days period as a process of data safeguarding we delete and destroy the abandoned database we allocated for your business.

TM Information System has no control over how you may use your business data. And it is down to you to ensure that you have policies and safeguards in place to prevent any misuse, inappropriate data usage or sharing of your customers data.

We keep this Policy under regular review and may change it from time to time. If we change this Policy we will post the changes on this page, and may place notices on other pages of the website as applicable, so that you may be aware of the Information we collect and how we use it at all times. You are responsible for ensuring that you are aware of the most recent version this policy.